The municipality of Guixes incorporated in the mid-nineteenth century those of Corria (La Corriu) and Montcamp and Sisquer, which had their own town council.
The neighboring town of San Lorenzo de Morunys had a large number of wool cloth manufacturers, which is why "as some historians have suggested" an area near the chapel of Sant Serni del Grau, in the current municipality of Guixes, received the name of Vilamantells.
The municipal coat of arms was approved in September 1992. It is described as follows: "Shield tiled: of sinople, 6 rocks of argent perched 1.2.3. forming a mountain By bell a crown mural of town".
Places of interest ..
Font de Fenarals, Font del Teixó, Les Planes, Rasa de Coll de Jou, Font de la Santa Creu d'Ollers, Torrent del Grau, Pont Cabradis, etc...
Romanesque hermitage of Sant Serni del Grau (XI-XII centuries), Romanesque hermitage of Santa Creu d'Ollers (XI-XII centuries), ruins of the castle of Sisquer (1270)


The municipality of Guixes includes the population entities of Castelltort, La Corriu, Montcalb, Sisquer, Valls and Vilamantells. All these entities are of dispersed population (farmhouses) that derive from the old parish division. Perhaps for this reason the official name of the original municipality was Guixes and aggregates. The entity of population that gives name to the municipality, Guixes, is located at 844 m.
The administrative center of the municipality is in the entity of Casa Nova de la Vall, several kilometers from Guixes.
In 2008, 72 of the 140 inhabitants of the municipality lived in the entity of Vilamantells, towards which an urbanization of San Lorenzo de Morunys has been extended.
Personalities ..
Magí Bellot de Vilamantells, writer. Author of Verdadera relación de la muerte de la Magestad Catholica del Rey don Felipe nuestro señor, Tercero deste nombre, que esté en el cielo repartida en tres romances (Barcelona: Esteuan Liberos [sic], 1621).


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