Regulations for stays with pets

1. The rate per pet per night is 10,00 euros.

Pets are only accepted in the apartments Llosa del Cavall and Port del Comte. The maximum pet allowed in the apartments is 2 pets

2. Deposit of 60,00 euros for possible damages caused by your pet during the stay that will be returned after verification of the apartment at your departure!!!!!
3. The owner will be responsible for any damage caused by your pet to third parties and / or the furniture of the accommodation.
4. To be able to stay in the accommodation, the animals must have a certain weight and size, except in the case of guide dogs: The maximum allowed weight of the animal, including the container or cage in which it will be transported, will be 35kg.
5. In the case of a dog classified as potentially dangerous, it must be muzzled and kept on a leash no longer than 2 meters, and an administrative license must be requested at check-in (Art.3 Royal Decree 87/2002 of March, Law 50/1999 of December 23rd on the legal regime for the possession of potentially dangerous animals).
6. It is completely forbidden to leave the animal alone in the apartment.
7. Within the entire perimeter of the accommodation there is no place for your pet to relieve itself, so you must use the surrounding green areas.
8. The owner of the pet is obliged to keep it in proper hygienic and sanitary conditions, as well as a current vaccination book.
9. Please do not allow the pet to climb on the couches, sofas or the bed, otherwise you will be charged in full the deposit for extra cleaning!
10. Do not bathe your pets in the showers or use the towels of the establishment to dry them.
11. It is strictly forbidden to bring your pet inside the perimeter of the pool. Do not forget to give a copy of this document signed at the reception as proof of acceptance of conditions.
12. You can only accommodate 2 pets per apartment