Reservation policy, entry, exit and cancellation


PORT DEL COMTE : PCC- 000934 DC:86
COLL DE JOU : PCC-000936 DC:88
VALL DE LORD : PCC-000935DC:59

It is mentioned IN CALMOSQUETA as equivalent to LLOSA DEL CAVALL,

USER is mentioned to the person who contacts and makes the reservation

1) Terms and availability of the reservation

There must always be, and in any case, a direct communication with the
responsible for CALMOSQUETA, above any central reservation and process
automated, to establish the terms of the reservation – the availability of the house, the
price and maximum capacity -. In any case what is detailed on the web prioritizes any specification of any other external website.
The images and photographs of the house as well as all its elements, accessories,
characteristics and distribution appear detailed on the web but in the case that there are
doubts and clarifications are necessary, the communication will be direct and personal so that
CALMOSQUETA can provide all the necessary information and clarifications
arise to the user, prior to the reservation decision.
Once the reservation is accepted, the USER accepts all the established terms,
conditions of use, characteristics and elements of the house.
The USER must provide their personal information, contact telephone, mail
electronic or other means in case of not having the latter – so that
CALMOSQUETA can contact him during the confirmation of the
reserve and issue confirmation of the same and its terms in writing and to be able to
contact during your stay.

2) Advance of the reservation

For the firm confirmation of the reservation requested by the USER, the
payment of an ADVANCE PAYMENT by bank transfer, of 30% of the
total amount of the reservation, in a bank account that will be provided to the USER in the
moment when you confirm your reservation.
In the event that the USER has confirmed his desire for accommodation, but in the
term of 1- 2 working days – depending on banking availability – the USER
he would not have communicated with CALMOSQUETA to send the receipt
confirming the advance payment, CALMOSQUETA will try to communicate with the

user to confirm if this has been done or not. In the case of not being able to establish
communication or that the USER has not made the EARLY PAYMENT,
CALMOSQUETA has the power to disengage from this verbal commitment to
assume a new reservation because the terms established for
formalize the reservation.

3) Confirmation of the reservation and its terms

After the transfer is made by the USER, he must contact
CALMOSQUETA through the means of contact at your disposal and indicated in
the web – through email or whatsapp -, sending us the proof of
the transfer – scanner, photo, online proof, or direct mail from the bank
Once CALMOSQUETA receives the proof of income, it will send the USER,
by email, confirmation of the reservation detailing the terms
agreed upon.
In any case, the confirmation of the reservation, even having sent the mail with the
confirmation of the terms upon receipt of the receipt, is subject to the final
instance, to the veracity and constancy of the effective income in the account. So if not
If there is such deposit in account prior to the day of entry into the house, the reservation will remain
canceled automatically due to the non-fulfillment of the conditions required for the

4) Payment of the reservation

As detailed in point 2, there will be an ADVANCED PAYMENT of 30% through
bank transfer so that the reservation is confirmed.
The remaining 70%, the USER will do it EFFECTIVE the same day of arrival and reception,
upon delivery of keys and registration of the USERS.
In the event that the payment is not made by the USER, it will automatically be
will proceed to cancel the reservation.

5) Instant booking

It is considered an immediate reserve that due to its spontaneity and immediacy, not
margin to a planning in time with ADVANCE PAYMENT.
In these cases the confirmation of the terms by CALMOSQUETA will be
will also be made by email or whatsapp, which must provide the
USER, being written record of them.
The payment will be 100% and the user will make it EFFECTIVE the same day of the arrival and
reception, upon delivery of keys and registration of USERS.

6) Cancellation of the reservation by the USER

For the cancellation of the reservation, the USER must communicate in writing with
CALMOSQUETA by means of the electronic mail facilitated in the web.

If there is ANY PAYMENT DEPOSIT verified and notification of cancellation, it will be returned
USER the amount according to the following criteria:
Return of:
– 100% – communicated within 60 days from the expected entry date
– 50% – communicated within 30 days from the expected entry date
– 10% – communicated within 15 days from the expected entry date
– 0% – reported after 14 days onwards, no refund is required
– not communicating or communicating the last day the USER will have to pay
A CALMOSQUETA 50% of the value of the reserve.
CALMOSQUETA will make the return of the advance making a transfer
bank in the same account from which the advance payment was made by the
USER unless the latter does not communicate otherwise.
The maximum term for the return, from the statement by the USER, will be
of 10 business days. CALMOSQUETA will send an email confirming to the USER that the
return has been made for verification by the latter that everything is

7) Cancellation of the reservation by CALMOSQUETA

CALMOSQUETA may cancel the reservation, having confirmed that
the same, in the case that the agreed terms are not respected.
– Number of people
– Arrival and departure day
– Pets not agreed
– The pending payment is not made upon arrival at the house
– The conditions established in the document USES DE LA CASA are not respected
available to the client.
– The USER does not carry the documentation to identify himself or not to carry out the
Regulatory registration
In these cases there will be no refund of PAYMENT ADVANCE.

8) Modifications to the terms of the reservation

If the USER, once the reservation is confirmed, it is necessary to change the
dates of entry and exit, you must contact CALMOSQUETA to see the
availability and the possibility of adaptation.
In the event that this modification affects previous or subsequent reservations with others
users in the availability of CALMOSQUETA and must proceed to the cancellation
of the formalized reservation, the criteria established in points 6 and 7 of
cancellation of reservations.

If the USER wishes to extend the periods, once availability is established by
part of CALMOSQUETA, the USER must pay the difference in form
If the USER decides to enter after the reserved date and agreed in the
established terms or ends your stay with date prior to the agreed upon departure,
must communicate it to CALMOSQUETA for the organization of reception and closing of the
house and all its elements, according to these new dates. In either of these two
cases, no refund of any amount of the reservation will be made when it is understood as
voluntary cancellation and out of the 14 days prior to arrival – point 6 – and affect
directly to CALMOSQUETA in the planning of the reservations of the house with the
availability other users.

9) Reserve with pets

In any case that the user travels with an animal companion should indicate it to
CALMOSQUETA prior to the formalization of the reservation, being subject to
acceptance and formalization of the conditions and terms agreed upon in the
prior communication.
The fact that the user travels with a pet should be reflected in
the confirmation email and terms. If not, and there has been no communication that the
user travels with a pet, the reservation will be automatically canceled.
In the event that the companion animal has caused damage to the house, its
facilities or their elements, the USER must take charge of them, in their
replacement or repair through the corresponding economic value.
The user must pay a deposit of € 60 upon arrival to cover possible damages
that may be caused.
This deposit will be fully refunded upon check-out and this
Subject to an inspection by the accommodation to assess if there has been any damage.

10) Arrival day

Given that the RURAL HOUSES do not have a 24h reception, the USER must
communicate and agree with CALMOSQUET the arrival time to make the reception
– Register of the USER with the DNI, DRIVING CARD (National) or
PASSPORT (Foreigners)
– Payment of the remaining amount of the reservation
– Delivery of keys
– Presentation of the house and explanation of the rules of use and its elements
– Information of services of the zone and of tourism and any clarification that can
Need the user.
In the case of variation in the agreed arrival time, you must contact
set a new time

11) Departure Day

On the day of departure, the user must contact CALMOSQUETA and formalize the
– Return of the keys
– Verification of the house by CALMOSQUETA
– Closure of the house and all its elements
The departure time will be specified jointly with CALMOSQUETA, not exceeding
12h In exceptional cases there is no priority for preparing the house for another
new user may extend the stay until 14h30 without additional cost.

12) Complaints and complaints

CALMOSQUETA is governed by the requirements established by the Board of the province for
RURAL HOUSES under the corresponding licenses.
Our intention is that the USER, when staying at CALMOSQUETA, feels the
maximum surrounded by our attention and feeling as if it were his own home.
In the event that there is a need on the part of the USER that goes beyond
the basic needs put to service according to the current regulations,
CALMOSQUETA is available to the USER to favor it in everything that
possible through communication and information and looking for all those elements
that we can also incorporate and that may be within our reach.
If outside of this communication there is any need for a complaint or claim,
feasible to be put into solution through a personal and good collaboration, the
USER has in CALMOSQUETA some claim sheets according to
establishes for all establishments the public service.